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Waste management audit & waste reduction plan



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The goal of the project was first and foremost to meet national legal requirements, while its objectives included:

  • Evaluation of current waste management activities
  • Identifying weaknesses in waste management practice
  • Elaboration of recommendations for efficient waste management
  • Elaboration of a waste reduction plan

Our solution

The main activities consisted of:

  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data on waste management. The collection was done by email and the Rewe team made the documents available to the consultants
  • Phone interviews and online meetings with the Rewe team
  • Visit 5 Rewe locations
  • Analyzing and interpreting the collected documents and information
  • Diagnostic analysis of waste management practices in 7 main areas
  • Elaboration of the waste reduction plan

Client benefit

The client benefits from legal compliance and waste management improvement. Study results in Romanian:

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