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M&A for manufacturer across EMEA 



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A big worldwide manufacturing company intended to acquire sites in several locations in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. They needed a new Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) partner for better flexibility and location coverage. After assessing the needs of the client, denkstatt and local Inogen Alliance Associates appeared to be perfect for the role to become the new partner in M&A. The challenge was supporting the client anywhere in and around Europe in environment-related demands during the growth of their business.

Our solution

To provide the buyer with an accurate picture of the environmental status for each site to be purchased, the team of denkstatt Hungary in cooperation with local Inogen Alliance partners carried out a Phase I environmental site assessment for each facility. In one country, 2U1K and denkstatt Hungary delivered five Phase I environmental site assessments and due diligence for four facilities and a warehouse. Following the successful acquisition, an environmental site assessment and due diligence were performed for four operating facilities and one vacant / greenfield property. The acquisition process was stopped before the stage of Phase II environmental site assessment.


In 2022, denkstatt in partnership with HPC Italy proceeded with a pre-purchase Phase I environmental due diligence, an Asbestos Containing Material Survey, and a groundwater survey. The partnership between Inogen Alliance partners led the client to the next outstanding acquisition of a tremendous historical facility. The activities also included health & safety assessment, soil and groundwater investigation, asbestos and mineral man-made fiber survey, structural assessment and technical and legal review of the existing claims associated with the exposure of the employees to asbestos.

Client benefit

The client had a single point of contact who was included in the acquisition team and coordinated all the Inogen Alliance Associates, educating them on the client’s needs and expectations. They were provided with technical support in each country, with local teams that were able to support the client in-depth for several tasks such as environmental, health and safety and structural assessments.


Our team received great recognition from the client. The adherence to agreed deadlines and quick turnaround of documents contributed significantly to client satisfaction. Due to the continuous knowledge sharing among the Inogen Alliance partners, the projects were conducted applying the best-recognized standards and the client received consistent reporting and conclusions in all country locations. Local Inogen Alliance Associates were also involved in post-closure activities.


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